More Apothecary Cosmetic Bath Salts

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for any allergic reactions that may come about as a result of using the following recipes. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure you are not allergic to any ingredient. To do so, mix a small amount of the oil and apply it to the bend of your elbow. Leave it for 24 hours to determine if any sensitivity exists.

Please be aware that, even if the test shows no allergic reaction, it is still possible that you are sensitive to one (or more) of the essential oils. Be especially careful when using ginger and cinnamon because they can and often do irritate the skin. I have tested the recipes myself and had no reaction, but that doesn't mean that you won't.

Please take all possible precautions because some allergic reactions can become quite severe and--in some extreme cases--may cause death. In the event that you experience discomfort while using these recipes, please consult your physician.

The first section is full of recipes using only the essential oils; with these, you don't have to worry about clogging up the drain. The finished mixture can be added directly to the water without a sachet. You will notice that no exact measurements are given for these recipes. The reason for this is simple; it allows you to easily mix the recipes in any amount, whether for one bath or for one hundred.

The second section has recipes that combine essential oils and dried herbs. These need to be placed in a bag--like the muslin teabags found in health food stores--to prevent the herbs from clogging your plumbing. In order to make it easier to mix them to the proper consistency these recipes have approximate measurements instead of ratios.

Base mixture
This is the recipe for the base I use to make my bath salts. If possible, use either sea salt or Kosher salt, rather than plain table salt.

2 part baking soda
1 part Epsom salts
1 part salt

Recipes Using Only Essential Oils:
Highland Mist
This is a lust-inspiring mixture that my friend SilverStar swears by…

7 parts patchouli oil
2 parts oakmoss oil
2 parts musk oil
½ part heather oil

Laughter of the Muses
This blend will chase away the blues, leaving you happy and refreshed.

6 parts rose oil
6 parts wisteria oil
1 part lavender oil
1 part freesia oil

Aphrodite’s Kiss
If you're looking for love, this is the blend to use. However, I must caution the use of this--or any magickal aid--if you've got a specific person in mind. Just remember the Rule of Three…

2 parts musk oil
1 part rose oil
1 part frangipani oil
1 part patchouli oil

Dragon Shield
This blend is for protection against physical, mental, and emotional attacks. Use this while visualizing yourself fully protected within a bubble of white light that cannot be breached by any force in this realm or on the astral plane.

3 parts patchouli oil
2 parts sandalwood oil
½ part lilac oil

Golden Coin
If you are in need of prosperity, soaking in these bath salts will help put you on the right track. It is especially useful to do so before working prosperity magick. Remember to ask for only as much as you truly need and specify that your work harm none.

8 parts sandalwood oil
8 parts lotus oil
3 parts patchouli oil
3 parts myrrh oil
2 parts cinnamon oil

Merlyn’s Might
Just about everyone needs a boost to their magickal powers every once in a while and Merlyn's Might is just the thing. As you soak in the tub, picture yourself glowing with positive energy and know that you are fully in control of that power. Just make sure you're not planning any manipulative magick; karma will bite you on the butt if you aren't careful.

8 parts dragon’s blood oil
3 parts vanilla oil
2 parts ginger oil

If your energies feel a bit off kilter, perhaps you need some assistance in attaining inner balance. When this happens, use this recipe to help you get back to an even keel.

3 parts jasmine oil
2 parts rose oil
1 part sweet orange oil

Night Magick
This blend may be used to purify before rituals or simply to help you attune with the Gods.

4 parts myrrh oil
2 parts frankincense oil
1 part frangipani oil

Here is another recipe that will add some lust to your relationship. Do not use to violate the free will of another.

12 p. patchouli
12 p. sandalwood
9 p. musk
3 p. rosemary
3 p. cardamom
1 p. dragon’s blood

Liban’s Touch
Liban is a Celtic Goddess of healing. Use this recipe to speed recovery from illness, especially colds or 'flu.

6 p. carnation
3 p. sandalwood
1 p. rose

Sacred Circle
This is the perfect blend to use prior to rituals.

12 p. lotus
9 p. musk
8 p. sandalwood
3 p. rosemary

Recipes Including Herbs
The following recipes include both herbs and oils, so they need to be put in a sachet that can be tied tightly. This is to prevent the herbs from "escaping" and possibly clogging up your drain. The best thing I have found to use is a muslin bag or a washcloth that can be tied shut with a ribbon.

Moon Goddess Bath
1 handful each:
jasmine flowers
lemon balm leaves
grated lemon peel
50 drops each:
sandalwood oil
myrrh oil
jasmine oil
39 drops lemon oil
27 drops white camphor oil
2 cups of bath salts base

Sun God Bath
1 handful each:
bay leaves
chamomile flowers
rosemary leaves
50 drops each:
frankincense oil
sandalwood oil
carnation oil
orange oil
juniper oil
2 cups bath salts base

Leo Bath
1 handful each:
bay leaves
carnation petals
juniper berries
chamomile flowers
rosemary leaves
50 drops each:
frankincense oil
cedarwood oil
cinnamon oil
sandalwood oil
carnation oil
orange oil
juniper oil
2 cups bath salts base

Scorpio Bath
1 handful each:
wild violet blossoms
100 drops each:
myrrh oil
pine oil
52 drops each:
vanilla tincture
ambergris bouquet
39 drops clove oil
13 drops ginger oil
2 cups bath salts base

Taurus Bath
1 handful each:
cardamom pods
rose petals
50 drops each:
vanilla tincture
vanilla oil
39 drops each:
patchouli oil
oak moss oil
26 drops each:
rose oil
honeysuckle oil
2 cups bath salts base