Chakra Visualisations-Belly or sex chakra

This chakra is centered roughly in between your genitals and your belly button, so focus there.
Do the same exercises i posted last time, and then visualise this.

You are on a narrow bridge surrounded by a sea of burning lava. Across from you is a crater, much like a volcano. The heat is intense, but stimulating, and as you walk closer to the crater you feel sweat pour off you. You start walking up the obsidian surface and the closer you get to the craters lip, the more excited you feel, much like sex. You make the journey to the top of the crater and you look down, and see a pulsing ball of orange light. You jump off, the crater and into the ball of light, and you feel blasted out of the crater in heat unimaginable, comfortable, but no longer stimulating. As you walk back, you place a boulder in front of the path, however you know you can acess the heat of the place anytime you open the boulder.