The Eleven Powers

The Eleven Powers can be developed through the use of Kundalini Yoga practices and intense inner healing work. These are not qualities of yourself, but specific powers.

A quality is something other people sometimes see in us, but at times remains hidden. It is something which others appreciate but do not necessarily feel they can possess.

A power is something that cannot remain hidden. It becomes a constant source of inspiration to yourself and others. When they see it and learn about it, they too can change themselves and become powerful.

These Eleven Powers are:
Tolerance, Courage, Co-operation, Accommodation, Discernment, Judgment, Withdraw, Eliminate, Inner-Development (Unconditional Love), Understanding and Ascension.

It is important to understand what these powers are and how to use them. For instance, if I am constantly tolerating someone's bad behavior and the situation is getting steadily worse, then perhaps I should begin to use my power to face the situation. To instill the courage, and tell them in a peaceful but firm way that in these circumstances they should not behave like that.

The eleven powers are such that in every situation you face, at least one power will be appropriate to use, and the correct choice. Use of that power depends upon remaining calm and having a clear picture of the situation in question. You must remain steady and clear!

The Power to Tolerate:
To begin to understand how to tolerate difficulties involves the ability to go beyond the influence of negative situations; to be able not to react, even with your thoughts. If someone offers you insults, anger, criticism or if there is physical suffering, you can remain peaceful and happy with the Power to Tolerate. On the basis of Soul Consciousness, you will be able to connect up to your Blessed Higher Self and Radiate Love, like the fruit of the tree, which when pelted with sticks and stones continues to grow and give its fruits in return.

The Power to Face Obstacles with Courage:
Courage is developed through meditation through which we experience our original nature of inner peace and become detached from consciousness of the physical body. We are then coming from a higher perspective which enables us to go beyond our ego and see beyond the present problems and difficulties. You then begin to see a positive side which seemed impossibly negative; this gives us the strength to face the real issues and then to alter our inner perspective and help those of others through the Power of love.

The Power to Accommodate:
This is the power to be above any clash of personality or nature of others, and to be able to mold and adjust yourself as each situation (or moment) requires. You should never be one to create a conflict in any situation. You should never attack or strike back in any situation. You need to tolerate, search within and wait for the conflict to resolve itself.

It always will, through the Power of Natural Law and the Laws of Karma. Just as the ocean can accept any river or stream that flows into it and change these drains into magnificent power, you should not reject anyone or anything, but should be able to change the relationship or circumstances through the Power of Unconditional Love.

The Power to Co-Operate:
Co-operation with others requires the Vision of Soul Consciousness. This is when we begin to see our earth brothers and sisters as they really are. As part of our learning and an invited guest into our lives. This knowledge provides us with the realization of unity as a group and gives strength and quality to the group. All of us are a part of the great Tapestry of Life. The co-operation and harmony this power brings to us will make any task seem easy.

The Power of Discernment:
This is the ability to give correct value to your thoughts, words and actions and to those of others. Just as a jeweler can discern fake from real diamonds, so you should keep a positive, worthwhile thought and discard any negative, harmful ones. It is the power of negative thoughts that often clouds your inner light and true discernment, and this way of constant thinking can become an Ego trap. Through meditation and inner guidance these negative thoughts can be eliminated and transposed into very positive ones. (It takes tolerance and training.)

The Power to Judge a Situation:
The Power of Judgment allows you to make clear, quick, accurate and unbiased decisions. To do this you must be clear within and be able to rise above any situation, emotions and opinions of others. You also need a clear understanding of what is wrong, what is right and Natural Laws.

Kundalini Yoga provides this strength and insight through meditative practices and breath techniques. Regular silent meditation brings clarity of the intellect through greater self-understanding and a detached perspective.

The Power to Eliminate Wasted Thoughts and Actions:
Wasted thoughts within the soul or consciousness creates our heavy burdens. We need to begin to "travel light," thinking and acting with our energies and doing only that which is necessary. When we eliminate our wasteful, heavy thoughts we are freed from both mental and physical tiredness and dis-ease. This will create a lightness, bring us renewed power and energy, and help us to develop a completely positive outlook. Then we will begin to magnetize to us our good!

The Power to Withdraw Our Energies:
Withdraw and Renew. To withdraw your thoughts from any given situation while you perform any given activity is necessary, and will become vital as you progress. Naturally your thoughts must be involved with any task you perform, but every so often you can learn to withdraw and practice retuming to your State of Being. (Inner Peace) In this way your thoughts do not continue to be involved when not absolutely necessary and you will waste no unnecessary mental effort. This is a true controlling power and will bring you great inner strength. You can also "check a situation" to see if you should become involved or continue. This is termed "leaning into the energies."

The Power of Inner Development:
This involves developing inner trust. Have faith in yourself and bring confidence to every experience. Have the courage to explore what you know you are capable of experiencing. Begin to follow your inner dreams and prompting and to self-direct your life. Faith should never be blind, it is intended to be crystal clear. If you place your trust in things you do not understand, then sooner or later your trust is going to be shattered. First there must be understanding, and then knowledge. Knowledge will be given and needs will be mulled over, changes accepted and adapted into your life. You will begin to flow with life and stay in the moment. This helps you to develop a clear picture of your path and where you are headed.

The Power of Understanding:
To gain understanding you must have knowledge. Your inner knowledge is given during meditation and inner reflective time. Think out the implications of what is being said and done around you, and what being a pure, peaceful soul means. What effect should this have on living a practical life? How does this affect your relationship with others? How does the cycle of the mind, intellect, Higher Self and Shakti energies work? Can you see this process beginning to happen within yourself?

Is KARMA an adequate explanation of your present life position? Do you take total responsibility for yourself? Will this improve your situation? Do you realize that every thought, every action, every intention is subject to Natural Law and the Laws of Karma?

The Power of Ascension:
Only if you think about the implications of your actions and begin to develop your inner knowledge can you also raise your vibration and dispel some of the Laws of Karma. If God exists, is it possible to have a daily relationship with Him? When you sit and meditate, see if you begin to experience some of the information you have been given. If you practice soul consciousness during the day, see if it brings you the results that your inner knowledge predicts. Then you will have the basis of developing your faith. This faith will be built on a firm foundation of your own experiences, not only in meditation but within your daily life. To measure your progress, you need to know where you came from and where you want to go.

Deep inside you desire the half-forgotten memory of inner peace, hidden behind a veil. As you ascend with knowledge and inner light, you will be able to "let go of negativity" more and more and begin to self-direct your next experiences. You will choose your situations with thought, and a precise inner direction. You will walk away from and react differently to experiences that seemed negative in the past. You will ascend higher and higher, and bring a positive vibration wherever you go and to whomever you meet. Your life will change and grow as you begin to trust yourself and experience life with the presence of Unconditional Love.