Rose leaves (not petals), angelica stalk, mint or sage leaves and flowers, roots of lovage and violets. Make syrup of one pound sugar and one pint water, boil to ball stage when dropped in cold water. Remove from fire. Drop in selected, washed and dried leaves and flowers, pressing down without stirring. These should be thoroughly dry. Bring syrup to boil again, pour into flat container and set aside. The second day drain flowers, etc., and add 1/4 pound sugar to syrup and boil to ball stage.

Put in flowers, etc., again bring to boiling point and set aside. The third day repeat the process but when syrup comes to boil after flowers are added, stir flowers lightly until syrup granulates, then pour on sheets of wax paper. Breakage can best be avoided by separating flowers with fork. Use for cake and dessert topping.


(Mrs. Ralph Lane, Morrison, Illinois)

Rose petals must be dry and clean. Dip both sides in slightly whipped white of egg or brush with camel-hair brush, then coat both sides of the petals immediately with granulated sugar and lay carefully on waxed paper. Allow to dry thoroughly before packing in boxes. To hasten drying, turn the petals once. They will keep for a year.


(Mrs. George Kubis, Rivera, California)

Prepare a cooked fondant one day in advance. (Do not make fondant on damp or rainy day as moisture affects the sugar.) Use a clean enamel or agate sauce pan. Put in two cups granulated sugar and 1/2 cup boiling water. Stir only till dissolved! Take out spoon and let sugar and water come to boil. Have ready a soft linen cloth tied to a stick. As the grains of sugar are thrown against the sides of the pan use the swab to wipe them off. (It can be moistened in cold water, but not be dripping.) If sugar grains fall in syrup it will granulate.

When it forms a soft ball it is done; (10 minutes). Remove from fire and lift carefully (if it is handled roughly it will granulate instead of being creamy.) Carefully pour into shallow bowl and cool. Do not jar it. If jellylike film spreads over top, fondant is all right. When fondant is cooled to lukewarm, stir with a spoon until it is stiff paste. Knead it till soft and smooth. Store in bowl and cover with damp cloth. The next day add to one cup of fondant 3 drops of lemon juice and stir over hot water or in a vessel set in a pan of hot water until thoroughly melted. Have fine perfect rose leaves or petals which you have spread out and allowed to become dry but not crisp. Dip each leaf or petal in fondant and take it out carefully with a toothpick and lay on a sheet of waxed paper to dry. Violets and strawberries may also be candied this way.