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Below are descriptions for the herbs and their suggested uses. Look for contraindications which are noted by an asterisk " * ". The Latin name of the plant is given following the common name in parenthesis. These are brief descriptions. Most herbs provide more uses than listed.


ALFALFA(Medicago sativa)- high in minerals & vitamins A,K, & E. Kidney tonic; builds energy; for anemia; alkalinizes pH; for internal inflammation- arthritis, colitis, etc.; stimulates digestion, increases breast milk flow ***Blood thinning- do not mix with medications of any kind.

ANGELICA(Angelica archangelica)- warming; circulation stimulant; digestive stimulant; women's reproductive tonic; ***Not for pregnancy

ANISE STAR PODS(Pimpinella anisum)- digestive stimulant; warming to the body; circulation stimulant

ASTRAGALUS(Astragalus membranaceus)- An energy & immune tonic; Good for exhaustion & weakness; promotes wound healing-external & internal; lung tonic -strengthens weakness; mild diuretic, stimulates appetite & digestion

BAY LAURAL(Lauris nobilis)- digestive stimulant; relieves indigestion; warming

BLACKBERRY LEAF(Rubus villosus)- good for coughs; relieves diarrhea; great for kids

BLACK COHOSH(Cimicifuga racemosa)- PMS(physical symptoms); calms spasms associated with asthma, bronchitis, menstrual cramps, etc.; reproductive tonic; menopausal tonic; high blood pressure tonic; for inflammation of the nerves or spine or ovaries *Not for pregnancy, can cause low blood pressure. Green tea is said to counteract negative affects.

BLADDERWRACK(Fucus vesiculosus)- diuretic; balances thyroid; helps inflamed joints & organs; rheumatism; protectant from environmental polluntants & chemicals; helps body deal with stress; boosts stamina; regulates blood pressure & cholesterol; provides mucilage(moist coating) to digestive tract and mucous membranes; high in minerals.

BLESSED THISTLE(Cnicus benedictus)- stimulates and increases flow of breast milk

BLUE COHOSH(Caulophyllum thalicroides)- women's reproductive and uterine tonic; PMS(physical symptoms); stimulates sex drive; regulates menstrual cycle; for prevention of miscarriage; eases false labor pains; tonic for last month of pregnancy; relieves spasms; relieves indigestion

BURDOCK ROOT(Arctium minus)- liver cleanser; acne & boils; stimulates gall bladder; balances pH; pulls toxins and poisons out of body; stabilizes both high & low blood sugar levels; increases breast milk flow; reduces swelling in joints; alleviates constipation; balances hormones via the liver; mild daily tonic herb; high in minerals; cooling

CALENDULA(Calendula officianalis)- heals damaged tissue, cuts, wounds, burns, ulcers, herpes- internal & external; astringent; for acne take internally & apply to skin as wash; stimulates blood circulation; helps to break fevers;thrush-wipe baby's mouth with tea soaked cloth & nipple post breast feeding; for digestive tract inflammation & ulcers

CATNIP(Nepeta cataria)- digestive aid; relieves indigestion; nerve relaxant, great for kids

CHAMOMILE(Matricaria chamomilla)- relaxant; helps with inflammation; for colic; soothes spasms; for insomnia & anxiety, great for children; nausea; relieves indigestion; rheumatism; wash for red eyes

CHAPPARAL(Larrea divaricata)- digestive & liver tonic & stimulant; bitter; antioxidant; can be useful in cases of cancer, benign tumors, bacteria, viruses, & parasites

CEDAR LEAF TIPS(Thuja occidentalis)- high in vitamin C; good for infections; used as a purifying herb when burned as incense

CELANDINE(Chelidonium majus)- fevers; liver tonic & stimulant; jaundice; boosts function of gallbladder

CHASTE TREE BERRIES(Vitex agnus-castus)- women & men's reproductive tonic; regulator for women's reproductive cycle; stimulates balance of fertility; stimulates progesterone; menopausal tonic- helps with physical imbalances; stimulates healthy flow of breast milk; digestive stimulant

CHICORY(Cichorium intybus)- stimulates proper liver function; digestive stimulant; for constipation; cooling; coffee substitute; hormonal balancer via the liver

CLOVES(Eugenia aromatica)- warming; digestive stimulant; analgesic

CINNAMON(Cinnamomum zeylanicum)- warming; digestive stimulant; alleviates indigestion

COMFREY LEAF(Syphytum officinale)- mends skin & bone tissue, wounds, cuts, lesions, bone breaks, ulcers, acne, boils, etc.- internal & external use; provides mucilage(moist coating) to digestive tract & mucous membranes; high in minerals; supports nervous system; soothes urinary tract

COMRFREY ROOT(Symphytum officinale)- mends skin & bone tissue, wounds, cuts, lesions, bone breaks, ulcers, acne, boils, etc.- internal & external uses; provides muclage(moist coating) to digestive tract & mucous membranes; high in minerals; supports nervous system; soothes urinary tract

COPAL RESIN(Bureseru microphylla)- infections; burned as fragrant incense for increasing spiritual element & creating sacred space

CORNSILK(Zea mays)- urinary tract tonic; reduces water retention; increases flow of urine; use in combination with cardiovascular herbs for high blood pressure; blood cleanser; eases bladder irritation due to infection, etc.

DAMIANA(Turnera)- warming; allays pain; relaxant; sexual stimulant; men's reproductive tonic; increases stamina

DANDELION LEAF(Taraxacum officinale)- bitter digestive stimulant; reduces water retention; high in minerals & vitamins A, C, etc.; liver function stimulant & tonic; kidney stimulant; buffers blood sugar ups & downs; laxative

DANDELION ROOT(Taraxacum officinale)- high in minerals calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, etc. & vitamins A, C, & protein; liver & digestive tonic & stimulant; laxative

DONG QUAI(Angelica senensis)- women's reproductive tonic; hormonal balancer; PMS difficulties, physical -cramps, bloating, etc.; warming; digestive & circulation stimulant

DRAGON'S BLOOD RESIN(Daemomorops draco)- infections; burned as incense

ECHINACEA(Echinacea purpurea)-stimulates immune system; helps acne, infections, wound healing, sore throat, snake bites, ulcers, herpes, onset of flus & colds; *Not for daily use over long term- alternate days on & off

ELDER BERRIES(Sambucus nigra)- for coughs; drying; colds, flus, & fevers

EUCALYPTUS(Eucalyptus globulus)- high in essential oils; used externally as tea for steam inhalation to open nasal & bronchial passageways; bacterial infections

EYEBRIGHT(Euphrasia officinalis)- for eye infections; sore & red eyes; eye health

FALSE UNICORN ROOT(Chamaelirium luteum)- prevents miscarriage, take through first four months; women's reproductive tonic; balances menstrual cycle

FENNEL SEED(Foeniculum vulgare)- relieves indigestion; digestive stimulant

FLAX SEED(Linum usitatissimum)- high in essential fatty acids; laxative

FRANKINCENSE RESIN TEARS(Boswellia thurifera)- burned as incense

GINGER ROOT(Zingaber officinale)- warming; digestive stimulant; relieves indigestion; for nausea; for flu & colds *Fresh root not for pregnancy, use only dry

GINSENG, SIBERIAN(Eleutherococcus senticosus)-*This herb works best over long term use(2 week minimum) boosts the immune system; balances nervous system; prevents thymus & lymph system stress damage; protectant from radiation exposure (X-rays, nuclear exposure, or radiation therapy, etc.); cancer preventative; men's & women's reproductive tonic & rejuvenative; increases mental alertness; helps to balance blood pressure & cholesterol; for psychological disorders

HAWTHORNE BERRIES(Crataegus oxyacantha)- cardiovascular tonic; circulatory system tonic to veins & capillaries; antioxidant; palpitations; arteriosclerosis; astringent; for diarrhea

HIBISCOUS FLOWERS- for sore throats; soothing tea; drying to mucous membranes; good for cough syrup

HOPS(Humulus lupulus)- nervous system relaxant; bitter digestive aid; muscle relaxant

HOREHOUND(Marrubium vulgare)- for coughs; stimulates mucous expulsion; bitter digestive stimulant; good for cough syrup

IRISH MOSS FLAKES(Chondrus crispus)- high in minerals; draws out excess mucous from lungs & stomach; provides moisture to dry coughs, mucous membranes, & digestive tract

JUNIPER BERRIES(Juniperus communis)- expels parasites & microbes from digestive system; bitter digestive stimulant; for diarrhea

KAVA KAVA(Piper methysticum)- nervous system tonic; relaxant; for anxiety & depression; soothes pain; helps insomnia

KELP GRANULES(Laminaria spp.)- high in minerals; reduces water retention; nutritive addition to foods(ex. sprinkle in soups); prevents toxicity due to environmental pollutants such as exhaust, radiation, toxic waste

LAVENDER FLOWERS(Lavendula officinale)- nervous system relaxant; calming; helps insomnia; great for dream pillows

LEMON BALM(Melissa officinalis)- nerve relaxant; for depression; calming; for spasms digestive stimulant; relieves indigestion

LEMON PEEL(Citrus limonum)- bitter digestive stimulant

LEMON VERBENA(Lippia citriodora)- nervous system tonic; relaxant; calming; digestive stimulant; relieves indigestion

LICORICE ROOT(Glycyrrhiza glabra)- soothes sore throats; soothes internal ulcers; estrogenic hormone balancer; adrenal tonic

MANDRAKE ROOT(Mandragora officinarum)-**EXTERNAL USE ONLY!! for protection of a house, person, etc.

MARSHMALLOW ROOT POWDER(Althaea officinalis) - high in mucilage; soothing & provides a moisture lining to digestive provides system & mucous membranes; for ulcers; laxative

MEADOWSWEET(Filipendula ulmaria)- helps with inflammation & pain; for ulcers; calming to nervous system

MILK THISTLE(Carduus marianus)- antioxidant; stimulates proper liver function & protects liver from toxins & stress; varicose veins; for spleen & kidney health; stimulates breast milk; hepatitis A & B

MOTHERWORT(Leonurus cardiaca)- cardiovascular tonic; high blood pressure; menopause; nervous system tonic; relaxant; anxiety

MUGWORT(Artemisia vulgaris)- nerve relaxant; helps anxiety, shaking, & insomnia; colds & flus; fevers; warming; circulatory stimulant; brings on late period

MULLEIN LEAF(Verbascum thapsus)- stimulates expulsion & drying up of excess lung fluid & toxins through coughing; asthma; sedative

MYRRH GUM POWDER(Commiphora molmol)- stimulates immune system to help body deal with infections, colds, flus, microbes; mouth herb-ulcers, gingivitis, infections; mouthwash for sore throats

MYRRH GUM RESIN(Commiphora molmol)- burned as an incense

NETTLES(Urtica dioica)- high in minerals & vitamins; great daily nutritive; liver tonic; warming; drying stops bleeding; acne, boils

OATSTRAW(Avena sativa)- nervous system tonic; calming; high in minerals; great daily tea; pregnancy tonic

ORANGE PEEL(Citrus aurantium)- bitter digestive stimulant

OREGON GRAPE ROOT(Mahonia repens)- bitter liver tonic; digestive tonic; for constipation; allergies; acne, boils; external use for infections, rashes *Not for pregnancy

OSHA ROOT(Ligusticum porteri)- helps expel excess fluid from lungs; for coughs; warming; circulatory stimulant; digestive stimulant

PAU D'ARCO(Tabebuia avellanedae)- men's & women's reproductive stimulant & tonic; bacterial, viral infections; parasites; for inflammation; promotes cervical health; cancer; candida

PEPPERMINT(Mentha piperita)- digestive aid; helps relieve indigestion; warming

RASBERRY LEAF(Rubus spp.)- women's uterine tonic; menstrual cycle tonic; high in minerals; pregnancy tonic; nutritive

RED CLOVER BLOSSOMS(Trifolium pratense)- high in minerals; lymph cleanser; increases estrogen activity; cancer; boosts protein assimilation; soothing to coughs

RED ROOT(Ceanothus spp.)- lymph cleanser; stimulates lymph circulation; sore throats

ROSEBUDS(Rosa spp)- aromatherapy uses in crafts such as dream pillows, bath salts, etc.

ROSEHIPS(Rosa spp.)- high in vitamin C; boosts immune system

ROSEMARY(Rosemarinus officinalis)- warming; circulatory stimulant; enhances mental clarity; digestive stimulant; helps indigestion

SAGE, GARDEN(Salvia officinalis)-Good tonic and internal cleansing

SAGE, WHITE(Salvia apiana)- used for ceremonial purposes, clears space & body of accumulated energy, brings focus & clarity

SARSPARILLA(Smilax officinalis)- men's & women's reproductive tonic; PMS; menopause; sex drive; skin problems-acne, rashes, psoriosis, eczema; liver stimulant & tonic

SPEARMINT(Mentha viridis)- digestive stimulant; helps indigestion

Spirulina- food resource; high in minerals & vitamins B12, iron, protein, chlorophyll, essential fatty acids, RNA & DNA; preventative for cancer; helps balance blood sugar, hypoglycemia tendencies; system cleanser

SWEETGRASS(Hierochloe odarata)- used for ceremonial purposes, attracts positive energy into space & body

TURMERIC(Curcuma longa)-inflammation aid; warming; antioxidant

UVA URSI(Arctostaphylos uva ursi)- urinary tract problems- infections, sluggishness; astringent

VALERIAN ROOT(Valeriana officinalis)- nerve relaxant; helps with pain; for exsessive coughing or other spasm;PMS-physical & emotional; headaches

WHITE WILLOW(Salix alba)- headaches; inflammation; pain; aching flu

WILD CHERRY BARK(Prunus avium)- coughs; excess fluid in the lungs; drying

WILD LETTUCE(Lactuca virosa)-nerve relaxant; pain; headaches; back pain; restlessness; for spasms; rheumatism pain

WILD YAM(Dioscorea villosa)- women's reproductive tonic; progesterone enhancing; menopause; digestive tonic & stimulant

WINTERGREEN(Gaultheria procumbens)- digestive aid; helps indigestion; opens nasal passageways as a steam

WITCH HAZEL(Haemamelis virginiana)- for inflamed gums & other tissue; stops bleeding; drying; acne; sore throats

WORMWOOD(Artemesia absinthium)- parasites; microbes; bacterial infections

YARROW(Achillea millefolium)- fevers; drying; warming; colds & flus; bitter digestive stimulant

YELLOWDOCK ROOT(Rumex crispus)- liver stimulant & tonic; warming; high in minerals iron & helps absorbtion of iron

YERBA SANTA(Eriodictyon spp.)- drying to mucous membranes; sinus infections; coughs; respiratory system