Herbs for Love

Apple: Hold in your hands until warm, then give to your intended, if they eat it your love will be returned. Or cut one in half and share with your loved one to ensure happiness.

Apple Blossoms: Add to love sachets, brews, and incenses.

Apple Wood: Make into a wand for use in love spells and rituals.

Avocado Pit: Grow a plant from the pit, to bring love into your home.

Caraway Seeds: Add to love sachets, charms, or talismans to attract a lover. Or chew on to gain the love of the one you desire.

Coriander: Used in love spells and charms. And old love spell is to take seven coriander seeds and grind them in a pestle and mortar, chanting "Warm seed, warm heart, let them never be apart", three times. The drop the crushed seeds into a glass of wine and share the drink with your lover.

Corn Flowers: Sprinkle in the area where you and your mate argue the most. It is purported that it will help to alleviate discord and strife.

Daffodil: Carried or placed on altar during love spells.

Daisy: Wearing a daisy will bring love. Or sleep with a Daisy Root beneath your pillow, and a lover will return to you.

Damiana: Let some soak in a glass of wine for three hours. There after sprinkle a small bit outside your front and back doors. Do this faithfully each day for 21 days, and it is said that before long your wandering lover will return to you.

Dill Seed: Add a few grains to bath water before going out to meet a person of the opposite sex, doing this is said to make one irresistible.

Elm: Wear to attract love.

Fresh Endive: Wear to attract love (replace every 3 days to keep fresh).

Gardenia: Add to strengthen love spells.

Laurel: Worn by brides to guarantee a long and happy union.

Lavender Flowers: Used in love sachets and incense. Place lavender flowers in your clothing draws, the scent on your clothing attracts. Rub lavender flowers on a piece of paper, which is then excellent to write a love note on. The scent particular attracts men.

Marjoram: To attract a husband, put a little in the corners of each room in your house. Remove and renew about once a month.

Orris Root: A love root, carried to attract the opposite sex and to make them love you dearly.

Passionflower: Place it in power bundles and use in love spells to attract love.

Plum: Eat to inspire or maintain love.

Rose: Add Rose bud petals to bath water to conjure up a lover. Put red Rose petals in a red velvet bag and pin this under your clothes to attract love: or you can wear Rosehips as beads to bring love to you. Rose oil and Rose incense are both used in love spells. If you wash your hands with Rose water before mixing love potions, the potions will be stronger.
Different colors Roses have different meanings so you can use Roses to give someone a message magically.
These are what the different Rose colors mean:
Red: love you
White: I love you not
Yellow: I love another
Moss: I admire you from afar
Pink: My love for you is innocent
Orange: I love you vigorously
Amethyst: I will love you forever
Wild: I love you because you are fair and innocent

Rosemary: Give a special friend a sachet filled with Rosemary. This is supposed to induce warm feelings in another. Also used in love incenses and mixtures.

Sage: Sage is often an herb used at hand fastings since it will help bring about a long life and domestic virtue for the happy couple.

Skullcap: Supposedly if you place a little bit in your lover's shoes it will make that person unaffected by the charms of others.

Spikenard: Brew into a tea and wet the picture of a loved one with the water so they will never leave you.

Sweet Bugle: Crush a handful and place under your mattress to attract new lovers and possibly marriage prospects.

Tulip: Place on altar during love spells.

Valerian: Use in love spells and to keep fighting couples together.

Yarrow: Used in love sachets and marriage charms, as it has the power to keep a couple together happily for seven years.