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Acacia: To ward off evil, also for money or plutonic love spells.
Adder's Tongue: Also called Serpent's Tongue, it is wrapped in cloth and applied to wounds to promote healing.
Alfalfa: Protects from hunger and poverty, is also used in money spells.
Almond: Used in prosperity and money spells, also eaten to help break a fever or prevent drunkedness.
Aloe: Protective against evil influences and can bring good luck. It's also used to soothe burns.
Alyssum: Can be used to help calm an angry person.
Amaranth: Used for healing and to repair a broken heart.
Anemone: Healing.
Anise: Used as tea for colic and as a sedative. Can also be used to aid divination and for purification.
Angelica: When grown, it has protective properties over home and garden, and it is also used in healing rituals.
Anise: Also called Aniseed, it is used for protection, especially against nightmares, and is good for meditation. It also is used in purification.
Apple: Also called Fruit of the Gods or Fruit of the Underworld, it is considered a 'food of the dead' and is present on many Wiccan Samhain altars. Apple blossoms are used for love spells, as is the fruit itself, and it is said that unicorns live under apple trees.
Ash: Used to induce prophetic dreams, and is considered to have protective properties. It also is used in healing, and it is said that unicorns live under ash trees as well.

Balm of Gilead: Also called Balsam Tree, it helps heal a broken heart or attract a new love, and can be carried for protective purposes.
Barely: Has healing properties and can help protect against negativity. Is also used in love spells.
Basil: Also called Witches Herb, it is used in excorcisms and love divinations. Can attract wealth, and when used in tea form, can help ease colds, cramping, and fevers.
Bay: Also called Bay Laurel, it is used for healing. It also has strong protection and purification properties, as well as producing prophetic dreams or visions. Be careful if ingesting: it has a strong taste and it is not really advisable to eat it.
Belladonna: Also called Banewort, Deadly Nightshade, and Death's Herb, it is POISONOUS! Do not ingest this herb for any reason. There are still reported deaths today related to Belladonna. It is used for astral protection and to encourage visions, but there are less toxic herbs that will accomplish this.
Benzoin: Used for luck in business, it is alos a good purification herb, and is often used as a base for incenses.
Bergamont: It is used to attract money, and it is also used in success spells.
Bistort: Also called Dragonwort, it is used to promote fertility. Also used to improve psychic powers and in money attracting spells.
Blessed Thistle: Also called Holy Thistle, it is used for hex breaking and is carried to protect from evil. It is also used for purification. I have read that it can help with lactation and breast feeding in women, please read up on that before ingesting it.
Briony: Also called Mad Root, it is often used to substitute Mandrake Root. Used in money spells and protection.
Burdock: Also called Cockleburr, it is used in protection incenses and for healing, especially the feet.

Clamus: Also called Sweet Grass or Sweet Root, it is POISONOUS. It is used for healing and protection, as well as binding and good luck in gardens.
Camphor: Is used for chastity spells, healing, and divinatory incense.
Caraway: Protects against evil spirits and negativity, it also has anti-theft properties. It is used to avert infedelity in a mate, and can also attract love.
Cardamon: Used in lust potions and some love rituals.
Carnation: Used in protection spells as well as healing spells. Can also give strength.
Catnip: Also called Catmint and Cat's Wort, it is used in cat magick, and in creating a bond between human and cat. Is also used in love spells and, when grown near the home, can attract positive spirits and luck.
Cedar: The smoke is considered purifying and can heal head colds. Is also used in money spells and to enhance psychic powers. Juniper is sometimes used in it's place.
Chamomile: Has two common forms: German Chamomile and Roman Chamomile. Both are used for sleep and meditation, especially in tea form. Is also used for money and love attraction, as well as to break curses or spells against you.
Chickweed: Also called Starwort and Adder's Mouth, it is used to attract and maintain love.
Chickory: Is used to remove obstacles in your life, as well as to promote frugality. It used to be believed to render the carrier invisible.
Chili Pepper: Used to promote fidelity, as well as to break a curse. It can be used in love spells too.
Cinnamon: Raises spiritual vibrations and can aid in healing. Ground and taken with milk, it is used to aid in digestion, for diarrhea, and dysentery. Also used for success in financial matters and business.
Cinquefoil: Also called Silverweed and Five Finger Grass, the five points on the leaves represent money, love, health, wisdom, and power. It is used for protection and purification, as well as prophetic dreams.
Clove: When burned, it drives away negative energies and purifies the area. It is also used to attract a mate, and can be chewed for a toothache, also good for nausea or vomiting.
Clover: Two leaved clovers mean you will find a love, three leaved clovers are worn for protection, and four leaved can protect agains madness and strengthen psychic abilities. It is also said to lead the holder to riches. Five leaved clovers are powerful for attracting money. White clovers are worn to protect against hexes, Red clovers are used in lust spells. All clover can repell negativity and bring success.
Coriander: Also called Cilantro, it is used in love spells and the seeds are used for healing, especially headaches.
Cowslip: Also called Fairy Cup and Lady's Key, it can preserve youth when worn, and the odor is considered healing.
Cucumber: When eaten, it can promote chastity, the seeds are used to promote fertility, and the peel is used in healing.
Cumin: It has anti-theft properties, as well as repelling evil. It is also used in love spells and exorcisms.
Curry: When burned, it repells negativity.

Daffodil: Also called Narcissus, it is used for love spells and to increase fertility. It is also worn for luck.
Dandelion: Also called Cankerwort, it is used in divination and in calling spirits.
Dill: Used for protection spells and sachets, also used in money spells. Smell it to stop hiccoughing.
Dragon's Blood: It is used in love spells, and can cure impotency. It can drive away evil and negativity, and can increase an incenses potency and power. By the way, it isn't blood; it's dried resin from a palm tree, usually in little powdery rock forms.

Eucalyptus: Carried to maintain health, and also used to relieve colds when drunk as a tea. Also used for protection.
Euphorbia: Also called Wolf's Milk, it is POISONOUS. It is used for protection and purification, but do not ingest it or use it on the skin.
Eyebright: As a tea it helps clear the mind and aids in psychic powers when carried or drunk.

Fennel: Is grown for protection, and is worn to prevent against tick bites. Is used in purification and healing mixtures.
Fenugreek: Used to attract money.
Feverfew: Carried for protection, especially against fevers and accidents.
Frankincense: Is uplifting and repells negativity when burned. It is used in exorcisms and is carried to promote luck and protection.

Garlic: Used to absorb disease, and is also very protective, and sends away evil spirits. When eaten, it creates lust, and is good for high or low blood pressure, and to help infection when eaten.
Geranium: Great in protection, especially the rose geranium. Also used for love and health.
Ginger: Increases power of a spell when eaten before casting, and is used in success spells. Used as tea for cramps and nausea. Add in cooking to detoxify meat, especially chicken.
Goldenrod: Also called Woundwort, it is useful in divination and is used in money spells.
Gum Mastic: Used in lust potions, and to increase psychic powers. When used as a base for incense, it increases the potency and power.

Hazel: When eaten, it gives wisdom and can increase fertility. Is used for protection and for wishes.
Heather: Used to guard against rape and other violent acts, and to bring good luck and attract rain.
Hemlock: Also called Poison Hemlock, Spotted Hemlock, and Poison Parsley, this herb is, you guessed it, POISONOUS. It is used to induce astral projection and to empower and purify tools and weapons. Please don't eat it.
Henbane: Also called Black Nightshade and Devil's Eye, it is POISONOUS. Used to attract love, but not eaten or even burned. The fumes are highly toxic.
Holly: Also called Bat's Wings and Christ's Thorn, it is really great for protection, especially against poison and evil spirits. It is carried for good luck and used in dream magick.
Honeysuckle: Used to attract money. When placed on the forhead, it can improve psychic powers.
Hops: Used in healing and to bring sleep, it makes a great tea when fresh.
Hyssop: It is used for purification, and can repell evil and negativity.

Iris: Fresh Iris flowers are used for purification, and is used for wisdom.

Jasmine: Is used in love spells, and the flowers attract money. When burned, it can aid in prophetic dreams and help with sleep.
Juniper: Also called Gin Berry and Gin Plant, it is used for protection and against theft, as well as in love mixtures. It is used for psychic powers and in exorcisms.

Lavender: Used in love attraction spells, can protect against cruelty at the hands of a mate. When burned, it brings sleep and is used in healing spells. It is said that just looking at a lavender plant can make you feel better. Use it in sachets and spellwork, as well as in tea.
Lemon Verbana: Worn to attract a mate, and is used in love spells. Can be added to other mixtures to make them stronger, and is used to purify.
Lilac: Used to drive away evil and used in exorcisms.
Linden: Also called Lime, or is Lime also called Linden, it is used in luck and love spells. It is a protective tree, and the bark prevents intoxication, while the leaves and flowers are used in love magick.
Liverwort: Also called Trefoil, it is carried to attract love, especially by women.
Lovage: Bathed in or carried to attract love.

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