Another Herb Listing M-Z
Another Herb Listing A-L

Mandrake Root: Also called Mandragen and Mannikin, it is POISONOUS, so do not ingest it. It is used in the home for protection, fertility, and prosperity. It is said that demons cannot stay where there is Mandrake. The scent of Mandrake brings sleep.
Marigold: Also called Calendula, it is protective and used for prophetic dreams and psychic powers. Hispanic women I have met use it for many things in the home, including stomach aches, menstrual cramps, and general body aches and cramps. It is steeped as a tea or taken with warm milk.
Marjoram: Used in love spells and carried for protection. It can help relieve depression and is used to attract money.
Meadowsweet: Also called Bridewort and Meadowwort, it is used in love spells and in divination. It also promotes peace.
Mint: Used in healing spells, and provokes lust. It also is used in money attraction spells and to repell negativity.
Motherwort: Strangely, I have seen this herb but can find no information on it. It looks similar to Mugwort, so I would not recommend taking it internally.
Mugwort: I have heard that this is POISONOUS if too much is used, so please please be careful. It is used to produce prophetic dreams and strengthen psychic powers, as well as being used in divinations. It is carried to increase lust and fertility, and it is used to aid in astral projection.
Mullein: Also called Foxglove and Jupiter's Staff, it is used for courage and protection, usually worn. It also is used for protection in and out of the home, and is used for exorcisms.
Myrrh: When burned as an incense, it lifts vibrations and helps promote peace. It increases the power and potency of any incense it is added to. Also used in healing sachets and burned for purification, it is helpful to meditation as well.

Nutmeg: Carried for luck, and to protect from colds and sickness. Used in money spells, and to ensure fidelity.

Oak: Offers magickal protection, and can bring health. Acorns are carried against illness and pain, and to promote a long life. It also promotes fertility and luck.
Orris Root: Is used to attract and keep love. Also repells evil spirits and negativity, and is used in divination.

Pansy: Also called Banewort and Bird's Eye, it is worn to attract love, and is strong in love divinations. They are also used in rain magick.
Patchouly: Used in money and prosperity spells, and is used in fertility magick. It attracts people and promotes lust. I also find it a nice incense for meditation.
Pennyroyal: Worn to protect against evil and to aid in business matters. It can stop arguments between mates, and promotes peace.
Peony: Is really good for protection, on the person or in the home. It is also used in exorcisms.
Peppermint: Used in healing and purification spells. It can promote sleep and can give prophetic dreams. Rubbed on furniture, walls, etc, it clears them of negativity, and it can promote love.
Periwinkle: Also called Sorcerer's Violet, it is a powerful herb, and is used in love spells and for mental powers. Used for money and protection spells too.
Pine: Carried for fertility and the needles are burned to purify. Used in healing spells and exorcisms, and the sawdust can be used as a base for incense.
Pomegranate: The seeds are eaten to increase fertility, and is lucky and magickal. The skin is used in money spells, and the juice instead of blood or as a magickal ink.
Poppy: Aids in sleep and promotes fertility, as well as attracting money and luck. The seeds are added to food to promote love.
Potato: Also called Red Eyes and Blye Eyes, they are used to make poppets, and is carried for healing, especially respiratory ailments and toothaches.

Rosemary: When burned, it is purifying and lifts vibrations. It can help with sleep and keeping away nightmares, and is used in love and lust magick. Has good healing powers, used as a tea for headaches and body aches. Also used for exorcisms.
Rue Herb: Used for healing and,when smelled, can clear up love matters and improve mental clarity. It can break hexes and curses, and is used in exorcisms.

Saffron: Used for love spells and healing spells. Ingesting Saffron can promote happiness and inner peace, and can possibly enable one to see into the future. It also helps with psychic powers.
Sage: Used to promote long life or immortality, as well as carried for wisdom and against evil. Used in healing and money spells. It is said that growing sage in your own garden brings bad luck.
St. John's Wort: Also called Goat Weed, this is POISONOUS. When worn, it holds off fevers and colds, and can prevent mental illnesses. It can protect against evil spirits, and is used in health spells and love divinations.
Sandalwood: Burned for protection and healing spells, also used in exorcisms. Has high spiritual vibrations, and promotes spirituality and clears negativity. Is used as an incense base.
Sarsaparilla: Used in love and money attraction.
Sassafrass: Is carried or burned to attract money. It is also used in healing sachets and spells.
Snapdragon: Also called Calf's Snout, it is worn to prevent others lying to you. Is used for protection and to avert evil, also breaks curses and hexes.
Spearmint: Very very good for healing spells and magick, especially with respiratory ailments. When smelled, it increases mental powers, and it can be used for protection while sleeping.
Star Anise: The seeds are burned to increase psychic powers, and it is carried for luck.
Sunflower: Eaten to promote fertility, and to protect against illness and disease. Also used for wisdom and health spells.

Thistle: Carried for energy and strength, grown in a garden to protect from evil. Used in healing spells and promote happiness. Used in exorcisms and hex breaking.
Thyme: Burned and worn to keep good health, also used in healing spells. Aids in sleeping and purification, especially when burned. Put in warm milk to regulate the menstrual cycle.

Valerian: Also called All-Heal, it smells rather nasty but is used in protection spells and to aid sleep. Used in love magick, and can calm a fighting couple. Also used in purification.
Vanilla: Used in love magick, and is considered to bring lust. When carried, it can improve mental powers. Through my readings, I have learned that to men, vanilla is one of the most sexually attractive smells, and they don't know why. So, ladies, stock up on a good vanilla, stay away from the musks: I like Victoria's Secret Vanilla Lace, good luck finding it.
Vervain: Also called Verbana, it is used in love and protection spells. It can hold off evil and negative spirits, and is used in exorcisms and is commonly used in purifications. Attracts money, and can promote youth. Also a wonderful healing herb, and used for sleep and chastity.
Vetiver: Also called Vetivert, it is burned to ward off evil, and is used in money, business, anti-theft, and luck spells.
Violet: Carried for protection, as well as luck. Can be used for love and lust magick, as well as to promote peace and sleep. Worn or made into sachets for healing.

Willow: Carried to attract love, the wood is used for wands. Guards against evil and negativity, also used in healing spells and for protection. Used in divinations.
Witch Hazel: Used for protection spells, especially against evil, and can help mend a broken heart.
Wormwood: Also called Absinthe, it is POISONOUS. It is burned or worn to help with psychic powers. Carried for protection, and is used for love maigck. Sometimes burned to conjure spirits.

Yarrow: Also called Arrowroot and Wound Wort, it is worn to protect and ease fears. Used in love spells, and drank as a tea for psychic powers. Also used in exorcisms.