Self-Hypnosis, Relaxation, & Healing Rituals 1

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for anything you do or attempt to do here. This is to be done using your own discretion. I do not know you, so I can not possibly suggest what is right or wrong for you.

Dr. Schultz was the first to develop a system of hypnotic suggestions called Autogenic Training. He published the first book on it in 1932. He recognized that while under hypnosis the subject experienced various feelings such as warmth and heaviness. He went on to teach practices to self induce these feelings and, consequently, induce hypnotic states. Auto-genic means self created.

Autogenic Training is a method of distinct auto suggestive formulas to relieve tension, for stress management, and to relieve psychosomatic disturbances, including many cases of insomnia, overweight, inability to concentrate, high blood pressure, constipation, skin problems, etc. Some people use Autogenic Training or self-hynosis as an aid to meditation, concentration, and to keep their focus during magick. Today that is what we are going to practice. Self-hypnosis.

Lay down in a comfortable position. If you are doing this meditation to relax, fine, go on to sleep if you like, but if not, then try and stay awake if you can. If not, don't worry. You will next time. lol! Believe me. I know all about this one. I fell asleep dozens of times.

Okay, the idea is to allow your physical body to relax so that your mind can be free to travel; being uncomfortable will only inhibit this exercise. Actually this exercise is used for many things and is an excellent technique, one of my favorites, in fact. When I do meditations, relaxations, or self-hynosis, this is the ritual I always use. Comfortable? Let's begin now.

First, a few suggestions towards success: Try not to let your mind wander. Don't think about anything but what you are doing right this moment. Forget everything else for awhile, and make sure you are where you won't be disturbed. Now I can tell you a trick that was told to me tohelp me learn better concentration techniques, but it is not a "Must". It is entirely your choice. Because of our society and the way that nudity is perceived, doing this ritual nude and uncovered will cause you to keep your focus on your body. It's an automatic response, although some find their thoughts, uh, wandering in a different direction while trying this, so if you are having problems of a sexual nature, I would save them for tantric magick. lol! Did I try it? Heh...I'm not telling. Ready now? Let's begin then.


Inhale deeply and then exhale. Let a natural rhythm take over. Continue this for a minute or so, concentrating on your breathing and preparing yourself to focus. Now we are going to tense up our bodies. Tense it all up, every muscle, every nerve. Hold this for a moment and then release it.

Now we begin the real work. ( lol! That oughta scare ya'. Oh, and for those of you reading in that don't know it, I am from Texas & I just normally talk that way.)

Okay, beginning at your toes, I want you to tense up your toes and hold this for a few seconds, then release them. Keep your focus. Don't let your mind wander. Don't think about anything but what you are doing right this moment.

Now move up a bit and do the same thing with your entire foot. You may do both feet together, if you wish. Tense them up and hold briefly, then release them. Keep focusing.

Calf muscles (both) now. And go on down the list. Do not skip a thing. Thighs, hips and groin, abdomen, chest, arms, neck, face, scalp.

As you release each body part and finally come to the scalp, feel the tension melt away and a lightness set in. Release your worries. Now here's where the exercise differs.

a.. If you are doing a healing this is where you begin your visualization. You should now be in a somewhat languid state. Use this to your advantage and continue on with your other work. When I do this myself, I combine exercises. I will use the Chakras healing meditations of light and as I am visualizing, I re-tense and un-tense each body part, if I have to just to stay in focus. And as I do it, I visualize that it is the patient being relaxed in my place. It is his/her body I am tensing and releasing, not mine, and as I do each body part, I draw in white (or the proper color) light upon tensing up, and throw out negative effects upon the release. This can be a very effective healing especially with the bodies reactions added into the exercise, but I wouldn't try it at the very beginning of your studies. Get in a little practice first.

b.. Now if you are doing this merely for relaxation, you can also do the self-hypnosis method. This is how you hypnotize yourself. First as I have said, you do the top part of this ritual, tensing and untensing. Then once you are finished, you will be going down an escalator into a deep, dark pit, but it is not scarey at all. In fact, you are looking forward to the ride down. You will focus and begin to count like this: (Very slowly)One,.... two, ....three,.... down,.... down, ......four,.... five, ...down, ....down, ....deeper, ....deeper and deeper..... You will now begin to tell yourself that you will be going into a trance-like state and that when you awaken after a cleansing, healing sleep that you will feel refeshed and happy. Count some more and as you do, envision yourself going down that escalator bit by precious bit, very slowly. Just a note here: I tend to be one to rush things and so I always got too close to the bottom before I was supposed to. lol! If you are like this as well, just go back to the top and take up counting where you left off. Don't let it bother you. And although it surprised me, having to go back up, never seemed to interfere with my work. If you are using this for relaxation, just continue counting until you fall asleep here, seeing yourself in a nice, cozy bed at the bottom of that escalator. (Relaxation stops here!) Now, if you are working towards a goal for yourself, let's continue.

c.. Now it is time to state your goal. Begin talking to yourself and stating what it is you want from yourself. Say it in detail. Be explicit. Keep reaffirming this for a bit. Describe it. See it. Visualize yourself either doing it, having it, etc Give yourself a royal talking to and then once you are finished, you will finally begin to count again, going back up. Begin, if you recall on the number you left off at but if not just pick a number, say 50, and begin to slowly count up, envisioning yourself riding that escalator back up to the top.

d.. Fifty, fourty-nine, fourty-eight- up, up, up I come...fourty-seven and so on. If you wish, you may sleep now while you are still relaxed. Just reaffirm that you will feel refreshed and happy upon awakening and count yourself to sleep in either direction you wish to go. As long as you just keep counting those moving steps, you will eventually sleep, I promise. lol!