Self-Hypnosis, Relaxation, & Healing Rituals 2


Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for anything you do or attempt to do here. This is to be done using your own discretion. I do not know you, so I can not possibly suggest what is right or wrong for you. This is a decision you must make for yourself if you wish to continue.

Life energy flow follows mental commands such as those done during self-hypnosis. The stronger the life energy that interacts with the object of your magick, the stronger that action will be upon that object. Magicians of all ages knew this and they called this life energy by many names. Some of those names are Ki, Prana, Chi, Psychic Power, Magickal Power, and Mana. By using self-hypnosis you will be making your energy stronger each time you go under to practice or to do magick.

First let's find something to meditate on, something that will represent our magickal target such as a photograph of the person you are going to heal or do magick for. This representation of the target could be any number of things, such as a photo, hair, fingernails, or an article of clothing. This item is known as the psychic link. When we get to the part that concerns your "goal", this is what you will concentrate on.

Using a clock or a metronome can greatly aid in self-hypnosis. Try this technique. First get comfortable and relaxed. Usually a sitting position is best so that you don't fall asleep. Now concentrate on deep rhythmic breathing and clear your mind to allow your thoughts to slow down. Your heart rate and pulse will generally slow down also.

Either memorize what you want to say or record it for use at your convenience. Try saying something along this line.

1) I feel good. I am feel fantastically good.
2) I hear the beats slowing down -- slower & slower.
3) It is getting longer and longer between each beat.
4) I am relaxed and I have all the time I need.
5) There is nothing that I need or want to do at this moment.
6 ) I will awaken later feeling much better, refreshed and happy.

NOTE: If it makes you feel better, you can name a specific time and date and year etc here. Personally I don't bother. I am always on the go and in need of whatever rest I can get. So I just sleep until my body is ready to awaken with no suggestions.
7) I will remember all that I do when I awaken.
8) Each ticking of the clock (or beat of the metronome) is further and further apart now. (Pause to listen to this beating.)
9 ) This will be much easier and faster next time.
7) I am relaxed and I have all the time I need.
8) I am relaxed. I am at peace with myself.
9) Time is slowing down.
10)The beat of the clock is only in the distance now.
11) It is beating slower and softer.
12) Repeat this until you "feel" that each beat is between 2 - 3 minutes apart.

Practitioners learn to build up energy so that they can project it. In the olde days, they did this by chanting, singing, emotional build up during rituals, walking or dancing in circles, sacrifices, and sex magick, etc. There are numerous ways to accomplish this same goal and that is what we are going to work on next. We will be working on directing your Life Force energy as we continue this exercise.

By now, you should be fairly relaxed and ready for the next step. First take a deep calming breath. Inhale and as you do, imagine that your life force energy is entering your body through your left hand. Now as you exhale, imagine it growing and building up in an area of your body such as your abdomen. Keep doing this for a while until you can feel the energy in that part of your body.

Now the next time you inhale, imagine that the life energy is entering your body through your left hand and that when you exhale, it is leaving your body through your right hand. Continue doing this for awhile. You have now learned how to direct energy. Practice is what makes it work to your advantage. Now you will begin your focus on whatever you are working on. Say something like this as you begin:

1) I have the time to do this.
2) My abilities are growing and I am better and faster in my performance of "----". (name your goal, ie-working magick, healing, relaxing etc)
3) I am totally relaxed .
4) As I practice, this is becoming easier.
5) I feel great and am in no hurry.
6) I have all the time that I need.
7) My thoughts will stay focused on my goals.
8) I am ready to begin now and I will not be distracted.

You will now be in a suggestive state of mind, and can stay clearly focused on what you wish to do. You will work at optimal levels of efficiency when you are more relaxed and feeling happy about yourself and your endeavors. This is the most important part and should not be rushed, especially if you are a beginner.

Continue to visualize the energy flowing into and out of your body as you gaze at your "psychic link". Redirect that energy. Into your left arm. Into your torso and out of your right arm. Into your magickal target. Concentrate and do not lose your focus. Visualize this energy taking over and see your desire coming true. Use all your senses in this visualization. See it come true. Hear it, smell it, taste it etc if possible. Send your energy through it. Concentrate on this for awhile until you feel that it is enough. Now we will stop and prepare to come out of the trance. The more you practice this , the better at it you will become. So guess what? Like everything else, practice is the key!

Alright now. Let's bring you out of the trance. Begin by counting backwards from 10 to 1 and then you will slowly awaken. Or you may allow yourself sleep here if you wish. By this time, you may be sleepy, relaxed and ready for a nap. I know, I usually am. Just don't forget to ground yourself and recapture your own energy if you feel the need. You may want to eat and drink something at this point. If not, have a nice rest. So mote it be and Blessings to you!!