Themes: Forgiveness; Religious Devotion; Banishing; Justice; Karma

Symbols: Light; Lunar Emblems

About Perimbo: This Brazilian goddess is the creatrix of all things. From her home in the moon, Perimbo gently guides human life in benevolent ways. Balancing this kindness, she is also a goddess of justice, meting out karmic punishment to teach important lessons when necessary.

To Do Today: During mid-October, the city of Belem in Brazil holds a parade in which people go barefoot, carrying weights and lights to banish evil, sin and negativity from their lives. To adapt this in a simple way and draw Perimbo's benevolence into your living space, take a flashlight, candle, or long-stemmed match clockwise around your house, saying,
Perimbo, shine the light of fairness and devotion throughout my home.

Try to make sure the light reaches as many nooks and crannies as possible, symbolically banishing the shadows that hide there.

For a portable Perimbo charm to inspire equity in all your dealings, find a glow-in-the-dark image of the moon. Charge it up for several hours using sunlight or the flashlight from the previous spell, saying instead,

Perimbo, shine the light of fairness and devotion throughout my life.

Carry this in your pocket to radiate the goddess's power no matter where you may be.

From Patricia Telesco's "365 Goddess"