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Artwork kindly provided by Dragon Thief


Chairman of the Board, Founder and Editor-in-Chief - Uno

Managing Director, Managing Editor and Chief Reporter - Spidy

Director, Roving Reporter, Sleepless in Shayol Ghul Consultant -

Executive Reporter, Sleepless in Shayol Ghul Consultant - Frenzy

Senior Special Investigative Reporter - Ferid Hel

Couch Reporter - Dragon Thief

Sit-at-Home Reporter - Lord Goldeneyes

Wine Editor - Watcher

Food Editor, Non-Roving Culinary Reporter - Aram

Science Editor - Won d-ark

Senior Reporter - Layla

Literary Editor, Political Editor - Professor Snow

Beer Editor - Sven


The Shayol Ghul Gazette

brought to you

makers of Spidy's favourite beer


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