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Pinterest Board Covers

Do you have a Pinterest board dedicated to your favorite actor, actress or character from Supernatural?
Well, I'm working on it, and thought others might be, too. So to help organize Pins, here's a few options.
Clicking on any will take you to the Pinterest Link where you can see the pin and Pin it to your board, you'd like.
You can, from there see them full size, as with all items loaded or linked via Pinterest, by clicking on the image.
Keep checking back, I'll be adding more!
I will not be doing millions of these, 5 or so for each multi-episode actor/actress that I can, so I can rotate on my own boards.
I plan to keep them tasteful, and related only to the show - no manipulated images or shipped images are in the works, so please don't hunt me down to ask or crucify me on this.
I made for me to use and I am sharing.

Jared Padalecki


Jensen Ackles


Dean & Sam Winchester


Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki


Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles


Sam & Dean Winchester


Castiel | Misha Collins


Benny Lafitte | Ty Olsson


Bobby Singer | Jim Beaver


Pamela Barnes | Traci Dinwiddier


Lisa Braeden | Cindy Sampson


Misc Boards



Chani's Supernatural Pinterest Boards

I own nothing but the design layouts. Supernatural Images used here are property of the CW Network, I did not take these wonderful pictures. They are used for entertainment purposes only, not for profit. To show my appreciation of the show, and to set the images to words that touch my heart or make me smile or identify. Hopefully they do the same for others.