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How the #SPNWatchParty Formed
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For annual Christmas Watchparty we will be watching
on Friday, Dec 23rd 2016....

3x08 A Very Supernatural Christmas
At 6pm and again at 9pm
Watch one, watch both... more chances to join the family!

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Timezone City/State/Area example   Time: 1st showing   Time: 2nd showing
PST/Pacific San Francisco USA Fri 4:00 PM Fri 7:00 PM
MST/Mountain   Denver USA Fri 5:00 PM Fri 8:00 PM
CST/Central Chicago USA Fri 6:00 PM Fri 9:00 PM
EST/Eastern New York USA Fri 7:00 PM Fri 10:00 PM
   Brazil/Rio de Janeiro Fri 10:00 PM Sat 1:00 AM
GMT London Sat 12:00 AM Sat 3:00 AM
   Stockholm Sat 1:00 AM Sat 4:00 AM
   Moscow Sat 3:00 AM Sat 6:00 AM
   Hong Kong Sat 8:00 AM Sat 11:00 AM
   Tokyo Sat 9:00 AM Sat 12:00 PM
   Sydney Sat 11:00 AM Sat 2:00 AM
   Vancouver Fri 4:00 PM Fri 7:00 PM

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For the 1st showing!, check here!
For the 2nd showing, check here!

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A group of friends got together wondering how they would survive 2013-2014 Winter Hellatus. What to do on Tuesday nights? So used to watching Supernatural, live tweeting, the feeling of communing with the #SPNFamily... Without it all would be wandering the lonely channels, endlessly surfing.

Until the wise Sophie piped up with a brilliant idea... "Let's pick an episode each week to watch! We can vote for which one we want to see, and then tweet to let others know in case they want to join us. We can live tweet, and have fun. A Hellatus survival night?

I own nothing but the design layouts. Supernatural Images used here are property of the CW Network, I did not take these wonderful pictures. They are used for entertainment purposes only, not for profit. To show my appreciation of the show, and to set the images to words that touch my heart or make me smile. Hopefully they do the same for others.