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You're soon to be one-stop hunter supply!

Hunter specific items, imagined from watching SPN.
Items are not for sale, but I had fun imagining that my ideas were indeed in the SPN world.
If a similar version exists and I found it online, check the links.
And a few, why haven't we tried this yet? ideas.

Custom bullets for each critter.

Silver bullets are a staple for every hunter, but add these to your inventory.
Hurry, quantities are limited!

Using our own carefully formulated recipe, perfected after many trials,
we combined powdered salt, powdered silver, and powdered borax with
holy water for the ultimate filler for your shells.
Keep a handful of these around for those instances when you aren't sure
just what type of Supernatural beastie you are yet dealing with.
An ultra thin covering will quickly dissolve to release the compound, slowing
down your opponent and gaining you those precious moments you might find you need.

Each shell content needs a specific ratio of regular shot and our patented holy water
casings to get the balance right to keep the casings from bursting and water evaporating.

Powdered borax in shotgun shells for dealing with pesky Leviathans.
Don't get close until you have to!

Small caliber rounds, Devil's Trap on a bullet.
*NOTE: Seems like it would be ideal to have a press in the MOL hideout to do this,
there's a lot there to discover after all.

Portable, Reusable Salt Tubes

Portable, reusable salt tubes for protecting entrances.
Each tube comes pre-filled with salt, and perforated to allow the salt to permeate the air.

We've calibrated and tested each offering to prevent the salt from leaving the tubes,
but have included access to refill/empty if needed. The best part of these is that
no wind, stray body part or Hell-hound breathe will ever budge your salt-line again!

Imagine this, but on a smaller level: Tubing with holes = chicken wire. Salt crystals
represented as large softballs so as to not fall out. We use Road quality salt, from
the same place that supplies your local cities and towns.

Portable pocket size now available!
You never know what cracks a demon will try to smoke through!

Portable, Reusable Devil's Trap Rug

Notice on the bottom view that the Devil's Trap has been reversed.
When the rug is placed in front of any door, hotel room/house/otherwise,
the trap will be properly positioned to trap any unwanted demonic visitors.

Laundry Products

Hunter laundry products. With just the right amount of salt added to prevent
intrusive ghosts from reaching vital organs, but not enough to intrude on
ones own ph levels.
Salt-infused wool dryer balls are also better for the environment and your health!


For the fashionable hunter we have double use jewelry available!
Necklaces and earrings that can be used for spare holy water or salt!
Ask about our special on bulk purchases!

Steel/Silver Rings

Don't have you're weapons on a bungee-cord yet?
Just in case, silver/steel rings to get a few seconds to retrieve them!
NEW! We all try to save the world, here's another way to be Green and Hunt:
UpCycled Steel/Silver rings!

Anti-possession Temporary Tattoo's

Car Mattress

A must for every hunter!
Thanks to Cindy for finding this gem to add to the Arsenal's shelves!

Flashlight w/ Pre-recorded Exorcism

Didn't pay attention in Latin class?
Worried you might get into a position where you
can't talk, but might need to banish a demon?
Flashlight to the rescue!
"I'll man the flashlight!"
Base model comes with pre-recorded demon exorcism.
Additional models available for recordable customization.

Doorknob Hangers

Coming soon!

Iron bullets now being cast for those pesky ghosts.

Silver, iron, and bronze braided rings, bracelets and necklaces.

Coming soon!

Enochian Sigil Window Clings.

Burglar alarm systems, w/ pre-recorded demon exorcism.
Activate from anywhere in your house with a clap or selected phrase!
Generator back-up option available.
Outsmart the "smarter" demons.

Disposal theory revision for Leviathans:
Woodchipper pretty much trumps.. well, everything.
After you cut the head off, run both pieces through a wood chipper
(separately just for safety's sake) and put each.... pile into two containers
of borax and THEN bury in different concrete areas. No re-gooo-fication, no problem.

Leviathan heads -
Why drop in a deep gully, why not put in a jar with liquid borax, put in
concrete planter and bury it deep? Not likely to regenerate/heal there.
And who'd be stupid enough to open it if they found it?

Versus water pattern movements as theorized on many tv crime shows
where deposited remains can travel long ways...
some civilian finding a talking head? Not pretty.


Very Top Five... Ways to make
bullets work against Undead

Shells with Holy water, silver and Salt
spun from own thought and twisted from :
How to Make Bath Beads

Portable salt tubes aka
J-Me Fle-Sexi Flexible Fun Salt & Pepper Shaker

Hunter Jewelry aka
Recycled Jewelry: Test tubs

Anti-Possession Tattoo
- Supernatural Cosplay

Healthy Body: Toxins, Dryer Sheets and
How To Make Wool Dryer Balls

Mattress Car Inflatable Bed

Flashlight adapted from
magic music torch

Doorknob hangers
(blank template)

Rings, various
Shining Silver Space Blue
Batman emblem ring
Recycled Steel Rings
Ring Made From Recycled Iron Nut

Image credits, if not previously linked, go to:

Small caliber bullet:
Supernatural, s8 ep12--Devil's Trap on a bullet

Hunter brand laundry detergent symbol aka
Anti-Possession Black Sticker by melimo22

Rainbow Anti-posession symbol
Supernatural Tattoo rainbow