Just for fun some Supernatural and lyrics from songs and musicals. #CLOCKrock is what it is named, as I joined Twitter for the Gishwhes #aCLOCKalypse, to help the clocks with their Twitter task. I didn't get to sign up for Gishwhes 2013, but that task I could help with. I became the self-proclaimed #ClockCheerleaderCaptain. And would constantly tweet for the clocks, and share #CLOCKrock , which was music videos set to Supernatural, aka FanVids, hoping to help keep participants going when tired. I stayed up with the participants, for nearly the whole week in support. So here's a continuation of the #CLOCKrock.

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I own nothing but the design layouts. Supernatural Images used here are property of the CW Network, I did not take these wonderful pictures. They are used for entertainment purposes only, not for profit. To show my appreciation of the show, and to set the images to words that touch my heart or make me smile. Hopefully they do the same for others.