Holidays and Holiday Themed Edits

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the bunker

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the bunker
the warm memories of family did seem to hunker.
As if Bobby were perusing through the collection of books,
And Ellen was wandering about, giving both boys warm Mom Looks.

By the backgammon table, sat John,
diary in hand, his face with frown on.
Then up to him came Mary,
her bright smile warm enough to chase away anything scary.

A comfy leather chair in the corner sat Benny,
watching it all, and twirling a penny.
Wandering around, looking at each nook and cranny,
why else could it be but the dear Annie?

Talking to Jo, by the cozy hearth,
offering another eggnog, the lovable animated Garth.
At a table covered by bottles and laptops sat Frank and Ash,
for anyone caring to listen the topic at hand seemed to be about disk cache.

Rufus enjoying a snifter of Johnny Walker Blue,
Chuck lost in a conversation with Jessica of literary review.
Pamela with a ouija board, talking to ghosts of Christmas past,
Charlie and Kevin creating an electronic database of the collection of books, so vast.

Lisa, Ben and Emma busy trimming the trees,
Meg and Cas discussing the plights of the bees,
Samuel and Henry closeted together, a family tree in the making,
While Deanna, gingerbread cookies she was baking.

As a seventies song played on the radio, by some rock and roll band,
Sam and Dean at the table, tumblers of whisky in hand,
Each in their own memories engrossed,
Raised their glasses in toast...

"Family Don't End in Blood"

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Whether you are eating at home or at a friend or relatives house;
with family, old friends or new friends;
going out somewhere or staying in and ordering pizza; or just hanging out....
I hope you have a good day!

Happy Turkeybird day!
To all who are celebrating...
Don't forget your table manners, use your napkin to keep your face clean,
if I see you sharing a messy selfie across my computer screen,
I may have to use my new favourite quote from Dean.
~Wolfie - I WAS raised by wolves after all



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